Grace United Methodist Church

St. Cloud, MN

Grace United Methodist Church is...

​A small, multi-generational congregation in the Big Waters District of the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church.

A church that naturally and genuinely welcomes everyone with hospitality, including all people of all ages and circumstances as a part of God's family.

​​A church that believes in an "open table" for the sacrament of Holy Communion as we celebrate this on the first Sunday of each month, inviting all who would repent of their sins and desire to be made one with our Lord and live at peace with one another, to share in this gift.

An Evangelical church that believes in the unity and mystery of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the resurrected and ascended Son, and the Holy Spirit, and prioritizes salvation of souls as well as the Holy Bible as the Word of God.

​​A church that welcomes the opportunity to meet YOU!

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